Why are you Best Friends with Noah?
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Why are you Best Friends with Noah?

Wondering why you and Noah Lamb are best friends? This quiz will tell you! SWEET!

1. At a Party: You see Noah enter the front door. He is looking pretty snazzy. What do you do?
2. Still at Party: The party is about an hour in, what is happening with you and Noah?
3. End of Party: Noah finds out he has to walk home from the party. What do you do?
4. Your favourite thing about Noah is:
5. Noah summed up in one word would be:
6. You decide to be a jerk and get Noah a birthday present. What is it?
7. Noah says Dexter, you say:
8. Friday Afternoon: You and Noah are the last one's left at school. What do you do from there?
9. Your favourite place to talk to Noah is:
10. Which element would you use to describe Noah?