How well do you know Monsoon?

Crystal's completely blaustastic quiz about her favorite role playing character, Monsoon! Do you love him as much as I do?

1 What is Monsoon's last name?
2 What country was Monsoon born in?
3 What is Monsoon's father's name?
4 What is Monsoon's mother's name?
5 How many siblings does Monsoon have?
6 What are Monsoon's sibling's names?
7 Which of these is not the name of one of Monsoon's animals?
8 What is Monsoon's sexual orientation?
9 Which of these is Monsoon's lover?
10 Which of these is Monsoon's best friend?
11 Monsoon hates...
12 Monsoon loves...
13 Monsoon's family's monetary status is...
14 Monsoon's birthday is...