Who are these characters?

Find out how well you know your pop culture by naming these characters!

1 Who is the male lead in the show Glee?
2 What is the first name of the main male character in House?
3 In the show Bones, who is the main female forensic anthropologist?
4 The telepathic waitress and main protagonist in the show True Blood is who?
5 In the show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, the flying Bison is named what?
6 In the show Degrassi: The Next Generation, what is the name of Sav Bhandari's little sister?
7 In the show Boy Meets World, what is the name of Cory's main love interest?
8 Who is the lead female character in the show Glee?
9 Who is the evil vampire brother in the show Vampire Diaries?
10 In the show Futurama, what is the alchoholic robot's name?
11 In the show Grey's Anatomy, which character is the show named after?
12 In the show Rugrats, what is Tommy's little brother's name?
13 In the show Sex and the City, who is the newspaper columnist and later freelance writer for Vogue?
14 In the new TV series FlashForward, who is Mark Benford's significant other?
15 In the Nickelodean show, iCarly, who is the character that enjoys taking his shirt off?