What level are you with Brittany?

It helps to figure out if you and Brittany Villela(Me!) are pretty much cool.

1 Brittany just found out that All Time Low is heading to portland and invite you, you say...
2 You've got some milkshake from Shari's and your ready to enjoy it, Brittany walks down the hall and see's the shake, what do you do?
3 Band. Go.
4 Brittany is Stage manager again...
5 Brittany is sitting in the theatre crying... what do you do?
6 You and Brittany set up a movie list for a crazy movie night, the top movie is....
7 Brittany birthday is coming up, and you need to give her the Prince charming, who?
8 Its halloween, you and Brittany are going as a pair... what famous pair?
9 Homecoming is right around the corner, just for fun you want to ask Brittany, how?
10 You and Brittany are front row at a concert, the set list to her favorite band is in front of you, she doesn't know, what do you do?
11 Brittany birthday is coming up, but she may not celebrate it!? What do you do?
12 Last but not least, How do you see Brittany?