What kind of thinker are you?

This quiz explains what kind of a thinker you are. It is predictive of your success in the world.

1 If a duck and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long would it take a donkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a pomegranate?
2 You have just found out that you won a gift certificate that will enable you to buy something you have wanted for a long time. You don't need this item, but you really want it. You:
3 Your co-worker clutches her heart and sinks to the floor, saying, "My chest hurts! There's something wrong!" Your response is:
4 You are driving your beautiful PT Cruiser convertible down a wooded highway and you hit a deer. As smoke billows out from under the hood of your car:
5 You are invited to an expensive fund-raiser by a very good-looking person, whom you have had a secret crush on for a year. The problem is that the event is to support a prominent politician who is on the exact opposite ideological side of yours. What do you do?
6 You have been laid off from your professional job--a position you have worked up to carefully for six years. After four months of unemployment you are offered two jobs. Which of the following considerations will be the determinant of the job you accept?