THhe HARDEST Taylor Swift quiz EVER!!!!!!

Test how well you REALLY know your taylor swift!!!!! R u a true fan???

1 Fill in the missing lyrics..... "I believe it was a ______ when I ______"
2 Fill in the missing lyrics...."_____ talks to me I _____ "
3 Fill in the missing lyrics........"His favorite colors_____ he loves to____ born on the ____"
4 Fill in the missing lyrics...."___ Is the ____ I drew through your _____"
5 Fill in the missing lyrics....."Take me back to the____ in the _____"
6 Trivia-----Taylor was the first celeb to star on what magazine's cover?
7 Trivia------- What month was Taylor on the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine in 2009?
8 Trivia------Who played Taylor's love interest in her music video, Love Story?
9 Trivia------Who played Taylors love interest in her music video, You Belong With Me?
10 Trivia-------What song did Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift perform at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards?