How good at Halo3 are you?!
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How good at Halo3 are you?!

Find out if you're a Halo noob or a Halo GOD!

1. Which weapon is better for mid-range encounters?
2. When a game of Valhalla begins, what do you do first?
3. Do you "T-bag" opponents after killing them?
4. Do you talk smack to the other team?
5. What are your thoughts on no-scoping with a Sniper Rifle?
6. When you're trying to dodge shots, what do you do?
7. What's the best thing about using a Bubble Shield?!
8. One of your teammates betrays you, what do you do?
9. Which gamertag suits you best?
10. Your highest skill rating is:
11. Your greatest achievement so far medal-wise is?