How Well Do You Know Neverwinter Nights?

This quiz is for nerds who play Neverwinter Nights, a game similiar to WOW. People like AIDAN and NICK HAVE to take this quiz and anybody else interested!

1 What is the name of the fire demon in Charwood that was partially summoned by the twin brothers in Charwood Village?
2 What is the Spy master's name?
3 Who betrays you and steals the cure for the plague?
4 What is the name of the dwarf in the forge in the main city of Neverwinter?
5 What is the name of the High Captain in the sewers under Luskan?
6 What is the name of the Lich in the graveyard of Port Llast?
7 Who is secretly the Black Wolf in Port Llast?
8 Where in the Port Llast area is Urth found?
9 What are the four reagents for the plague's cure?
10 What does Aribeth do at the end of Chapter 2
11 What does Neurik do?
12 How many henchmen (that you can hire) are there all together?