Monopoly Are you the most likely to Win?
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Monopoly Are you the most likely to Win?

In this quiz you will be asked a variety of differents questions and depending on your choice of answer you will ranked accordingly.

1. How many chance cards can be used in any one game of monopoly?
2. If the dice shows a 3 when rolled, what numbers can you see on the sides?
3. Whats your favourite playing piece?
4. When you pass GO what do you say to the banker
5. Who is the Banker?
6. Who will be the one who is first to move at the start of the game?
7. How much money do you start with in this game?
8. Is there such a thing as free parking in life?
9. When you go to jail who pays you?
10. So now that your on the last question, how do you think you scored?