How well do you know NFL football?

You think you know football? Take this quiz and find out! You'll be asked questions on rules, records, history, and more.

1 Which team is in the AFC East?
2 Which team selected John Elway in the 1983 NFL draft?
3 What is the penalty for intentional grounding?
4 Which of these is not a 5 yard penalty?
5 What is the single game record for most yards gained rushing?
6 What is the single game record for most yards passed?
7 With which team did Brett Favre play his rookie season?
8 What is the penalty if team captains do not appear for the cointoss?
9 Which Official is primarily responsible for sideline decisions such as out of bounds?
10 What year did the AFL and NFL merge into one league?
11 What year did the AFL begin playing?
12 Who is considered the father of American Football?
13 Who won the first AFL-NFL Championship (Super Bowl)?
14 Who holds the single season record of 50 passing TD's?
15 Which of these defensive penalties does not result in an automatic first down for the offense?
16 Which team has won more Superbowls than any other team (6)?
17 Which team is the oldest continously operated franchise in the NFL?
18 What is the correct size of an NFL football field?
19 How many timeouts are allowed by each team in a non-overtime game?
20 Who holds the record for most field goals in a game (8)?
21 What is the official length of halftime?
22 How many offensive players must be on the line at the time of the snap?
23 Who holds the single season rushing record of 2105 yards?
24 The St Louis Rams are in which division?
25 Joe Montana retired from which team?