Crossing the line? You decide.

Are the following situations inappropriate for a dedicated couple? We want to know what YOU think. To keep the genders hidden we've used A and B (interchanged) as symbols for the two people. We hope that it doesn't make it too confusing!

1 A and B both work. A does the majority of the household chores. B has assigned duties but only does them part of the time, and even then doesn't always complete the task. When A gets upset, B says that it was just an oversight and gets upset right back.
2 B is asking A to make effort to rebuild trust and work on the relationship and A is saying that will happen, but only if the areas that A would like to address are covered first. You think...
3 A asked if it would be ok to stop and say hi after a meeting for work. B said to call first to make sure B was home, but of course it would be ok to come by. B called 2 1/2 hours before A was supposed to come to say that all errands had been completed and that A could come any time. A told B that the meeting had been cancelled so A decided not to come.
4 B has an optional dinner meeting to attend for work. A says that it would make A uncomfortable for B to attend based on recent things that have happened. B attends anyway, telling A that it's unfortunate that A feels uncomfortable, but it's not A's call.
5 A goes out with a cousin to celebrate their 21st birthday. Picked up by a limo, B requests that if members of the opposite sex become involved that A call it a night and come home. A agrees. A is later dropped off, in different clothes, missing undergarments and sloppy drunk. A admits that there were members of the opposite sex involved and that there was nudity in a pool, but nothing inappropriate happened.
6 A and B are separated. B goes out to a bar and meets C. They exchange info and start having private conversations on Facebook. B talks to C about going back to the place they met and it not being as interesting because there were no 'body shots' that night. A sees the email and confronts B. B says it's innocent and that there is nothing wrong with the conversation.
7 A is communicating with 'the ex' (without mentioning it to B) and asking for the name of a relationship book that they had used to help out in A's current relationship.