Could you survive A Nightmare on Elm Street?

1... 2... Freddy's coming for you... do you have what it takes to beat him? Will you be the first one dismembered while floating up to the bedroom ceiling, dreaming, or will you face him down, watch your friends die one by one, but finally banish him to hell where he belongs? Remember, whatever you do, don't fall asleep!

1 How often do you dream?
2 Do you have bad dreams?
3 Are you a coffee drinker?
4 You hear gravel being thrown against your window, what do you do?
5 Your friend tells you she's been having nightmares about a clawed, red and green stripe sweatered maniac that seems strikingly similar to the one in your dreams, your reaction?
6 After a horrible nightmare, you wake up holding the hat of the creep in your dream, you pulled it out!
7 Your girlfriend just came up with a plan to stop Freddy! You have to watch her and wake her up at the right time, knocking Freddy's lights out when she drags him into the real world, whatever you do, DONT FALL ASLEEP.