How "stupid" are you?

You think your smart enough to take this quiz? If you answered yes than your wrong! Yup that's right, my quiz is full of weird and stupid questions that can be confusing and hard. You ready?

1 Continue the patern: Red, Blue, Yellow...
2 If today is tommarrow, and tommarrow is yesterday, what is today?
3 Which is heavier, 1 pound of feathers, or 1 pound of bricks?
4 Train A moves 200 mph, and train B moves 185 mph. If they both travel for an hour, but train B gets a head start of 15 miles, who gets to their destination first?
5 Which is spelled incorrectly?
6 The word is horse. 4 to the right, 3 to the left, 2 to the right, 1 to the right, 1 to the left. which is it?
7 (empy quastion-
8 Spell it.
9 WWhy?
10 What was the answer to number one?
11 2.2 whats the answer?
12 What question number is this?
13 Find the hidden .
14 Your name is?
15 Go back and redo the test!
16 How many characters are in this sentance?
17 Do you enjoy this quiz?
18 Final Question!
19 What is the answer to life?
20 Ok bye.