How well do you know Class 8-A?

Answer some curious questions related do the students of class 8-A.You will really enjoy it.especially if you were of class 8-A(2008-2009)

1 Who was the student who always intended to make the teachers happy and do all the works given by teachers?
2 Which period was the best for all talketive students?
3 How many did qualify for NTSE 1st Phase?
4 Can you tell the name of the topper of this Class?
5 Name of the most short-heighted teacher?
6 What was the strength of this class?
7 Name of the student who's height was least?
8 Who was the student not liked by anyone?
9 Name the student famous for his girl-type voice?
10 Name the most fairest boy ,who laughed very much?
11 Name the fighter girl,who also fought with boys?
12 Which teacher ,on last days of this session,kept a look on the students from outside and then called their parents?