Zombies and you

This is the initiation quiz for the S.O.T.A, this will tell me how to best use your skills and what kind of weapons you would use, you know, stuff like that.

1 What weapon combo do you like best?
2 what is your biggest concern?
3 a zombie is sneaking up on one of your comrades, what do you do.
4 the rout to the extraction point is blocked by a horde of zombies, you have a group of surviros with you that you need to get to saftey. What do you do?
5 you found the group of survivors you were sent to find, some are eager to follow you to saftey, others wish to stay on there own
6 Head quarters is under attack! What do you do?
7 what role would you best play while out on the field, post whichever one you pick on the orginsation wall, this one is just for fun