Family Guy Quiz

Test your knowledge and see if you are a Famly Guy whiz.

1 In road to Germany, who gets sent back in time?
2 In road to Germany, What is the reason Mort Goldman gets sent back in time?
3 In road to Rhode Island what does brian tell lois they did with their plane tickets?
4 In road to Rhode Island what does brian tell stewy that is wrong with him at the bar?
5 In the opening sequence of the show in what order are the pictures on the wall behind lois?
6 In the 420 episode who answers the door when cleveland goes over to quagmires to borrow his lawn mower?
7 In the 420 episode what is the name of Quagmires cat?
8 In the 420 episodre how much pot does brian get thown in jail for?
9 What is the griffins home address?
10 What year was Quagmire born?
11 Why does peter get into the fight with the chicken the very first time?
12 In the griffins Cartoon they make what is red hiney monkeys neighbors name?
13 When stewy was born he left a time bomb in lois. When is it supposed to go off?
14 When quagmire discovers there is a forth hole in women where is it?
15 In the No Meals On Wheels episode what was the name of the human robot joe forms to try to kill peter?
16 Just for fun. Whats your favorite character?