What are your chances of surviving an OUTBREAK!
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What are your chances of surviving an OUTBREAK!

What are the odds of you surviving a Infection(zombie) Outbreak. When the odds are stacked against you, what are YOUR odds of survival? take this test and find out.

1. you hear about increasing violence and strange cannibalistic activity on the news do you ..
2. all phone lines are down and there has been increased reports of what they can only discribe as rioting do you..
3. you see a little girl sitting on the ground in a puddle of bood with her back turned crying do you...
4. its getting late you have ta find a new place ta crash for the night do you
5. you find a married couple who needs helpdosent know whats happening, do you...
6. you need to survive this epidemic you must stock u, do you..
7. you and 4 suvivors are now well equipped and wondering what the next step...do you say
8. you hear about a safe zone but one of the suvivors legs where broken trying to save you, do you
9. your best friend/family member was bitten or scrached on his ankle , do you
10. your closest family member/ or friend has turned into an infected ,do you
11. what is the most effective way to attract zombies