How long would you last if world war 3 broke out?

War is inevitbable aslong as their are people their will be war war is a vital part of evolutoin,the thing man is best at is fightinh between one and another.....if the third world war was decleared tomorrow and YOU were draughted would you survive...your outcome will be based on tactical decisoins this quiz will try to simulate a life time of a enlisted soldier..good luck...........

1 if you had a choice what branch of and army would yuo serve in ?
2 what country do you or would you fight for ?
3 what would you do if pinnned down by heavy enemy fire ?
4 what rank would you enlist as ?
5 what would you rather fight for ??
6 if you were in a stalemate situatoin like the german 6 army in stalingrad what would YOU do ?
7 how many lives would ww3 be worth casulties are inevitble
8 have you ever fired a firearm before
9 have you ever played combat simulatoin games before ?
10 are you a good tactitoin