How Smart are you????
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How Smart are you????

Only smart people will get 100%

1. There was a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals, A Lion, a Chimpanzee, a Giraffe, and a Squirrel, who pass by. They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree. Who do you guess will win? Your answer will reflect your personality. So think carefully .... Try and answer within 30 seconds
2. Do you say, "Nine and five is thirteen," or "Five and nine are thirteen" ?
3. If a man were born in Greece, raised in Spain, came to America, and died in San Francisco, what is he?
4. What belongs to you, but is used more by others?
5. I am a three digit number. My tens digit is five more than my ones digit. My hundreds digit is eight less than my tens digit
6. No legs have I to dance, No lungs have I to breathe, No life have I to live or die And yet I do all three. What am I?
7. How many of the animals did Moses put in the ark?
8. Do zoos have cats