What kind of goat are you? XD
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What kind of goat are you? XD

Find out what kind of goat you are :D

1. if you saw someone of the opposite sex trying to break into your bedroom what would u say to him/her?
2. you see chris crocker walking down the street you would...
3. you are asked to take care of a baby, you....
4. you hear a couple fucking each other, you....
5. you see two people fighting what aould you do?
6. someone cames up to you and asks you for money, you
7. they invite you to a party but u dont wanna go what would your excuse be?
8. you go to your brother/sisters house and you see your nephew jacking off in his/her bedroom , you
9. someone wants to make out with you ... you ..
10. what do u do after taking a shower?