Which 13 Friars Avenue Resident Are You??
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Which 13 Friars Avenue Resident Are You??

Bjork wants to know, Jolie wants to know, Streisand would give her left testicle to know, so now you can.

1. What are you most likely to find in your room?
2. Somebody tells you you're a fat swine, and should go burn in hell, what do you do/say?
3. You find a small mexican child called Ivaldo, what do you do?
4. Why did you miss your lecture this morning?
5. What animal are you?
6. Someone is accusing you of being drunkard!
7. Which of the following suits you most
8. You missed the bus, what do you do?
9. You are challanged to a pugil stick dual by Jackson's ghost. what are your tactics?