How well do you know the United States?

This quiz is about the history of the United States.

1 When was the United States founded?
2 In what year was the Constitution first ratified?
3 What is the oldest capital city in the U.S.?
4 How many national capitals has the U.S. had?
5 How many territories/commonwealths currently belong to the U.S.?
6 What was the first meeting place of the Continental Congress?
7 Which ammendment was the first to take away rights of the people?
8 Which state was the first to secede the Union?
9 Which president was also a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
10 What is the official language of the U.S.?
11 Which president was elected the most times?
12 What was the first National Monument?
13 What is the last country that the U.S. was officially at war with?
14 Which presidents are featured on Mount Rushmore?
15 What is the United States government classified as?
16 Which of the following is not a form of citizenship?
17 Which is the only president that was elected by Congress?
18 What was the first U.S. organization?
19 Which ammendment gives states the authority to make laws not covered by the Constitution?
20 What is the value of the U.S. dollar based on?