How well do you know Lance Ward?
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How well do you know Lance Ward?

If you get 100%, you're a stalker. or God. or Both.

1. What is my favorite method of transportation
2. What's my favorite Color?
3. What's my favorite Food?
4. What kind of Ipod do I have?
5. Do I have a phone?
6. Who's my best friend?
7. What do I think about the new president?
8. Where do I volunteer at?
9. Caramel Popcorn ...
10. Lance once said ...
11. Do I like Bacon?
12. When did I make this quiz?
13. What kind of music do I like?
14. Do I have a dog?
15. Which school do I go to?
16. When I grow up, I want to be ...
17. What's my Favorite Song?
18. Am I smart?
19. What Word did I use the most in this quiz?
20. If my name wasn't Lance, what would it be?
21. Do I play Farmville?