How will you act out?

What would happen to you, if someone or, something does something to you, try to answer as honestly as possible, results don't care.

1 Someone takes your wallet, what do you do?
2 You get a McChicken from McDonalds and, it has no mayo, what do you do?
3 You come to school, dressed up and, smell clean and, ready for a date, then someone walks on your foot with muddy shoes and, now you smell, what do you do?
4 Someone says "Your a RETARD (says retard by teasing.).", what do you do?
5 You are at your classroom and, a question asked by your teacher and, your most hated person answers it first, what do you do?
6 You are having a blistering-hot bad day and, someone gets your attention by, spiting on you, what do you do?
7 A nearby car comes by and, splashes mud all other you, and it is soaked, what do you do?
8 A tree wacks you in the face head-on and, you have a bloody-nose, what do you do?
9 You get your favorite beverage at a local gas station and, it's all out and, you have to subsitute the drink, what do you do?