When Will You Die?

some people dont want to know but i think you have a right

1 Are You A Dare devil?
2 Do you drive?
3 When do you plan on getting married?
4 pick one
5 pick an artist you like or hate most from the following, if you have not heard of any of them, please do not guess, click other.
6 what kind of person are you? (in your own oppinion)
7 are you any of the following races?
8 did you notice that other question, "are you any of the following races?" was a yes or no question?
9 honestly, estimate how many true. good, REAL friends you have (honestly)
10 When you walk down the street alone? and someone comes up to you and says to did their partner, and punch you? (their much larger then you and the punch HURT) what do you do?
11 give a range of what time it is right now
12 when new years comes around, you....?
13 have you ever been into a scrap?
14 cigaretts
15 whats your current age? not how old you wish you were, how old you will be soon, how old you were a few days agi, you current age
16 are you a virgin?
18 favourite website from the folowing? (if you do not know any of the following, please click other, do not guess, your results will not be accurate)
19 are you a guy or girl?
20 have you ever broke the law?
21 from the following, pick the one your most affraid of
22 how much can you eat in one sitting?
23 birthday?
24 how often do you shower?
25 when you see someone with grose teeht, whats your first thought?