How good of a general are you?

Leaders come and go. Nations pass, strategies change. However, there are always brilliant generals in the world who can come up with inventive solutions to new problems. Find out if you are the next great general.

1 What is the most important thing in winning a war?
2 Which of these positions is the most advantageous in modern day warfare?
3 Choose a genre:
4 Pick a genre of music:
5 Pick a subject:
6 Favorite videogame style:
7 Your northern army is two days' travel from the enemy capital. You outnumber your enemy there. Your southern army is vastly outnumbered and needs to retreat or be destroyed. You only have enough fuel to move one of them, and it is currently at the northern army. You:
8 You are a squad leader. You have five men in your squad; a sniper, two riflemen, yourself, and an explosives specialist. You have been cut off and surrounded by a tank, 40 gunmen, and unknown others. Snipers are likely. Terrain is primerily forest with praries interspersed. You:
9 How long did you spend on the last question?
10 "Every war...
11 Pick a weapon:
12 In aerial combat:
13 In naval warfare: