Are you worthy of sitting on a golden toilet?

Test your skill and knowledge of annoying impossible quizzes.

1 You got yourself a golden toilet, what do you place next to it?
2 You just found out you have three ears, the third one is under your arm pit, do you kill yourself?
3 How many lemons can you eat before throwing up?
4 if Jak takes a plane to San Francisco for 5 hours 12 minutes and 7 seconds at 712 miles per hour at a positive 75 degree angle to the line of longitude, at the end of the trip, what are the chances that you are retarded?
5 Your printer just ran out of ink, do you jam a banana into the replacement slot?
6 I just put my vast i-pod library on shuffle, what song will come up next?
7 I hate you all, you will never sit on a golden toilet, is this correct?