Are You A Dumb Ass Or A Smart Ass

Find Out If Your A Smart Ass Or A Dumb Ass.... :) Or Neither....

1 You Want To Get Back At Someone Who Talked Behind Your Back. You:
2 You're At A Party And Someone Who You Think Is An Ass Asks You To Dance. You:
3 There Is Only One More Pair Of Jeans On The Rack And Someone Takes Them. You Say To The Person:
4 You Just Find Out Your Boy Friend/Girl Friend Is Cheating On You With Your Best Friend. You:
5 You Have To Do Kris Kringle And You Have To Buy A Present For The Most Stupidest Person You Know. You Get:
6 You Describe Yourself As:
7 If You Are An Animal You Would Be A:
8 On The Week End You Preffer:
9 On Your Bedroom Wall You Have/Would Have Posters Of:
10 You Took This Quiz At :