How funny are you?
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How funny are you?

Are you insanely hilarious or is your sense of humour harder than a rock?

1. When a teacher says, "...When Pluto and Zeus do, do they quarell?" you..
2. Dancing Banana!!!
3. Your favorite colour is deemed..
4. when you found out obama was president, your facial expression most resembled..
5. Your daily attire most often contains..
6. Quick! Pick one!
7. do inanimate objects run into you often?
8. when put at the center of attention, you..
9. You walk into your room after a long day at work/school. you notice that your dog has attacked all your important things. your first thought is?
10. Your first response to the lyric change of "i'm in love with a stripper" to "i'm in love with a dancer" was
11. describe yourself in two words: