Finish these lyrics
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Finish these lyrics

finish the lyrics to these songs

1. lady gaga- love game--"lets have some fun this beat is sick..."
2. journey-faithfully--"_______ run, into the midnight sun"
3. 3oh!3-starstrukk--" push it baby, push it baby out of control, i've got my gun cocked tight and i'm ready to ______"
4. mgmt-kids--"...take only what you need from it, a family of ________ wanted"
5. miley cyrus- party in the u.s.a.-- ... look to the right and i see the ________ sign"
6. taylor swift- you belong with me-- ... " i'm in my room, it's a typical ______ night"
7. the beatles- hey jude--..." for well you know that it's a a fool, who plays it cool, by making his world a little ________"
8. nevershoutnever-big city dreams--" you say we're both _____ people and you like it that way"
9. jason derulo- whatcha say-- mmmm whatcha say, mmm that you only meant _____, well of course you did.