What Grade 10 UNIS girl are you?

To see what personality they are more like to some different 10th grade girls at UNIS.

1 If you farted inclass do you blame it on the person next to you?
2 If a black guy walked by you on the street what do you do?
3 What do you generally like to wear to regular school days?
4 Do you like going out to bars on the weekends?
5 Would you ever tryout for the basketball MRISA team?
6 Which of these songs do you like most?
7 You have an assignment due 3 days from now, what do you do?
8 You ever been sooooo wasted, and throwing up everywhere and couldnt remeber the next day?
9 What do you think of Aadi Sharma (guy in 10th grade)?
10 Mr. Hodgekinson or Mr. Whatley
11 How perverted are you?