Which halo person are you?

Does what it says on the tin

1 You're walking down the streets of new mombasa, there's suddenly a huge explosion and several marines and a tank are retreating. What do you do?
2 Weapon of choice?
3 You're in a drop pod, you've just been dropped from orbit and are now making your way down to the planet. You see the remains of the human navy in ruins, what do you do?
4 Uh oh Scarab!
5 Your fending off a covenant skirmish while waiting for pelican pick up. When suddenly a brute chieften jumps off a phantom and sends one of your squadmates flying with his Grav hammer, what do you do?
6 You killed the Brute captain and now the grunts are fleeing. What do you do?
7 You walk into a room full of dead Elites and Brutes, they appear to have killed each other, what do you do?
8 What do the brutes say about you?
9 Are the Brutes predictions about your demise ever correct
10 What do you consider the Marines fighting along side you?
11 Phantoms fly over! What do you do?
12 What's your ideal squad?
13 Who wants taco's?