The quiz everyone gets 100 on

You cant get less than 100 if you somhow do your a evil geneous

1 what is 10x10
2 can you read
3 how many hairs are on your head?
4 have you ever wridden a horse
5 who is the best quizmaker ever?
6 are you below the age of 5?
7 is your name greg?
8 is this quiz fun?
9 did you get a 100?
10 is the world called earth or jupitar or pretty?
11 Are you smart?
12 do you think this quiz is pointless?
13 is anything spelled wrong in this quiz?
14 am i (the quiz maker) smart?
15 do you have 23 hands and 20 fingers?
16 is your name name?
17 are you at least 300 years old?
18 what is the name of this quiz?
19 are you bored of these questions now?
20 this quiz is over rite?