How well do you know Nick Haun?
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How well do you know Nick Haun?

Test to see how well you truely know me!!!!

1. What my faroite color?
2. Who is my current girlfriend?
3. Favorite College
4. Nick is a
5. My favorite number is
6. I can play an instrament?
7. Nick is in what sport?
8. Nick's favorite thing to do is
9. Nick's Favorite Song is
10. My best friend is:
11. I can beat you in the which of the following
12. Nick has pets?
13. How many fingers am I holding up?
14. My middle name is....
15. How old am I?
16. If I am me who are you?
17. Who is the best comedian alive? Careful...
18. The love of my life is
19. What school do I currently attend?
20. Empty question?
21. Xbox or playstation or nintendo?
22. Guitar Hero Vs. Rockband
23. Texting or talking?
24. Ally's favorite color?
25. Do you really know me?