How well do you know Nick Haun?

Test to see how well you truely know me!!!!

1 What my faroite color?
2 Who is my current girlfriend?
3 Favorite College
4 Nick is a
5 My favorite number is
6 I can play an instrament?
7 Nick is in what sport?
8 Nick's favorite thing to do is
9 Nick's Favorite Song is
10 My best friend is:
11 I can beat you in the which of the following
12 Nick has pets?
13 How many fingers am I holding up?
14 My middle name is....
15 How old am I?
16 If I am me who are you?
17 Who is the best comedian alive? Careful...
18 The love of my life is
19 What school do I currently attend?
20 Empty question?
21 Xbox or playstation or nintendo?
22 Guitar Hero Vs. Rockband
23 Texting or talking?
24 Ally's favorite color?
25 Do you really know me?