How Well Do YOU know Kimmy K's Lyrics?!

All lyrics are from the mixtape "Lessons In Love" , or if you just know my music real well!

1 "You could fill the void that my heart's been carryin, all the pain from my past it seems your love's been buryin'..."
2 "Though the thought of ya'll is sickenin', gettin' you back is my mission; cuz bein' lonely's a disease & you are my perscription"
3 "Baby what i tell you? bring it on back, got that woman's intuition we could make this thing last; if you don't slack, ima take this back to the way that it was that we now so lack...toast champagne in a glass to the future of us, present time, and past..".
4 "Here we go with the fightin' and the screamin; you're always cryin' cuz you're thinkin that i'm leavin'...we back to back every night that we be sleepin, over a stupid fight that we had over the weekend..."
5 "Baby i KNOW that it wasn't BOR-ing, I put you to bed soo bad that i got you SNOR-ing..."
6 "& What's worse, is that you'd flirt & say "babe it wasn't nothin!" bet you didn't know flirtin is cheatin's cousin, which is lying's husband, and heartbreak's Auntie; & now you caught up in the playa's family tree"
7 "Really heres the nitty gritty so you know the dealy, i never really loved you so im sorry if you believed me..but don't be mad at me cuz you was the one that done deceived me; i thought you looked-d good but photoshop is REAL deceiving.."
8 "i don't know what's gotten into you; you say you wanna do you so i will too; just know that if you leave me, we'll be through, no comin back to you..."
9 "i sacrificed whatever, kills to say, that you;re with somebody else and yet i still pray; and i STILL wait..hopin' you'd see, all the effort i put in hopin' you'd choose me..."
10 "It's Just Me, Myself and & I in the end cuz, They all seem to come & go like the wind does..."
11 " I remember when i met you in the summer when i'd call, i knew my life would change like autumn leaves, i would "fall"..."
12 " & baby i just pray that you would never part me, you're like my favorite song, and the rhythmn is your heartbeat..."
13 "cuz I'm Stuck in the stars, you're in another galaxy, these miles & miles away are startin' to feel like they're just trappin me"