How well do you know 3oh!3?
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How well do you know 3oh!3?

Name the correct 3oh!3 song that matches the lyrics given.

1. And if I had something to say to you I'd whisper it softly, kiss you on your rosey lips and never let you off me.
2. Yes, yes; in my tight white vest. You’re all alone and I’m about to microphone check. Oh yeah, prep the area here, Shock, shock, electrorock and steady now clear.
3. She's as dark as the blood pulsing under her skin, still afraid of the boogie man under her bed.
4. So tell me baby, pretty baby, that this house is not a grave yard tell me how to stay strong and carry you home.
5. I mean what can I say? 3 babies in the back seat, singin to you. "hey DJ won't you play that song for me?"
6. Black Dress with the tights underneath. I got the breath of a last cigarette on my teeth.
7. My rhymes touch more kids than Michael Jackson's hands. I'm iller than the thriller and stiffer than a zombie.
8. When I come up in the club I'm talkin' mad sh*t, Come up in the club 'bout to get me a** kicked.
9. There's this meeting in the middle of the dance floor. My lips anticipating.
10. Nice legs, Daisy Dukes. make a man go (whistles)