How well do you Know Britney Spears?

do you know britney spears music and life?

1 Where was Britney born?
2 Which song Earned Britney her first and only Grammy?
3 Which Dead Celeb did Britney love?
4 What talent show did Britney go on?
5 What two songs has Britney won Moon men for at the VMAs?
6 How many Moon Men does Britney have?
7 Who does Britney look up to?
8 How long was Britney in the hospital for the ordered 51/50?
9 How many # 1 singles does Britney Have?
10 How many albums not including greatest hits does britney have?
11 What number did Britneys Debut album debut on the albums chart?
12 How many albums of britneys debuted at number 1?
13 Who was Britney with when the paparazzie took the crotch shot of her pussy?
14 What tv show did britney meet justin?
15 Which producer produced britneys first single baby one more time?