How well do you know KiD CuDi?

How well do you know lyrics to KiD CuDi's music, and other general information?

1 Name this song, "You sit and think about, how you can hit the scene. Take one look inside, your mirror clear to see. You need to find yourself, as honest as can be....
2 Finish this line: "Crush a bit, little bit, Roll it up, take a hit, Feeling lit, feeling right, 2am.....
3 How many tracks made it from "A Kid named Cudi" to "Man on the Moon: End of Day"
4 Which of these lyrics is from "My World", off his album Man on the Moon: End of Day
5 Which song was in the running for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen theme song?
6 Which big named recording artist, and lyrical genius, signed KiD CuDi to his label? Also which of the following is he signe/d to
7 What is "KiD CuDi's" real name.
8 Where was KiD CuDi born and raised.