Are you a HICK in the closet?

Find out if you're a rootin', tootin' HICK in the closet!

1 If you could wear anything, what would it be?
2 What is your favorite channel?
3 Where do you get your news
4 What is your primary means of transportation?
5 What do you do for kicks?
6 What is your ideal date?
7 You find yourself more attracted to...
8 What is your favorite sport
9 What do you jerk off to?
10 How do you get your nicotine fix?
11 How do you feel about immigrants?
12 What's your weapon of choice?
13 What do you do at a family reunion?
14 What do you do if your livestock gets loose?
15 What's your dream job?
16 There are 4 things about to be dropped off the edge of a cliff; you can only save 1. Which do you save?