How well do you know Yu-Gi-Oh! ?
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How well do you know Yu-Gi-Oh! ?

This is the ultamiate Yu-Gi-Oh! quiz!

1. An easy one to start - Who has blonde hair and a Harpie Lady in the 1st series?
2. What is Yami's pharoh name?
3. Who/What is Zork?
4. What does the card "Polymarization" do?
5. How many life points does "Ookazi" inflict on the opponent?
6. How many stars does "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" have?
7. Which monster have more ATK points?
8. What 2 monsters are needed to summon "Kaiser Dragon"?
9. Who is Pegasus?
10. Who is famous for saying "I throw down a face down"?
11. Who is Seto Kaiba's main employee?
12. What did KaibaCorp make before it was a gaming company?
13. If i were to fuse "Fairy Dragon","Amazon of the Seas" and "Zone Eater" What Monster would I get?
14. What are the 3 Egyptian Gods?
15. Which minor character wears an american banner?