Why You In Jail Fool?

What Randomm Fa Shizzlee Havee Youu Been Doing To Get Yourselff in Jail ..

1 You Get Onto A Quiz Show.. You don't know the Answer.. What do You Do?
2 You Go to The Zoo With Some Random Child You Found At the Entrance .. What do You Do?
3 You Go to Get a Job.. And All They Have Is..?
4 Your Dared By Your Doctor To Shove Something Up ur Rectum .. That Would be?
5 Your Driving Past A School .. ?
6 Your Wife Has Been Abusing You With Kitchen Utensils For Some Time Now.. But Things Change.. Youu Get Angry And..?
7 Your At Your Uncles Funeral.. You Get Bored So Decide To Make It More Fan Dangle And Fun .. What the HELL do You Do in This Situation ..?