Why You In Jail Fool?
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Why You In Jail Fool?

What Randomm Fa Shizzlee Havee Youu Been Doing To Get Yourselff in Jail ..

1. You Get Onto A Quiz Show.. You don't know the Answer.. What do You Do?
2. You Go to The Zoo With Some Random Child You Found At the Entrance .. What do You Do?
3. You Go to Get a Job.. And All They Have Is..?
4. Your Dared By Your Doctor To Shove Something Up ur Rectum .. That Would be?
5. Your Driving Past A School .. ?
6. Your Wife Has Been Abusing You With Kitchen Utensils For Some Time Now.. But Things Change.. Youu Get Angry And..?
7. Your At Your Uncles Funeral.. You Get Bored So Decide To Make It More Fan Dangle And Fun .. What the HELL do You Do in This Situation ..?