How well would you fit in Doctor Who?
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How well would you fit in Doctor Who?

Another WhoTV Quiz!

1. You land in Jurassic times, you have to touch a Dinosaur. Don't get Eaten! Which do you choose?
2. You meet a new alien Race. They are 7 feet tall. You must record their height in mm. What do you estimate?
3. You land in 1666 to stop the Great Fire of London, it is 3 hours before the fire begins. Where do you want to go?
4. The Doctor gives you a scroll with "GIVE THE DALEKS FOOD" written on it. What do you do?
5. You must blind one of the 'Shodient Rend' and alien race. They are blinded by one colour. What do you shine?
6. A stranger asks if you are an Omnivore, you reply...
7. The Doctor Tells you to enter A Sequence into the number panel. What do you enter?