How well would you fit in Doctor Who?

Another WhoTV Quiz!

1 You land in Jurassic times, you have to touch a Dinosaur. Don't get Eaten! Which do you choose?
2 You meet a new alien Race. They are 7 feet tall. You must record their height in mm. What do you estimate?
3 You land in 1666 to stop the Great Fire of London, it is 3 hours before the fire begins. Where do you want to go?
4 The Doctor gives you a scroll with "GIVE THE DALEKS FOOD" written on it. What do you do?
5 You must blind one of the 'Shodient Rend' and alien race. They are blinded by one colour. What do you shine?
6 A stranger asks if you are an Omnivore, you reply...
7 The Doctor Tells you to enter A Sequence into the number panel. What do you enter?