What Disney character are you?
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What Disney character are you?

Find out what Disney character you are by answering these questions...

1. If your friend was crying what would you do to cheer them up?
2. You're at school and realise you forgot your homework what do you do?
3. You're walking home from school texting when you look up and descover you're lost, what do you do?
4. your going to see a film at the cinema and realise it's fully booked, what do you do?
5. you're at a friends house looking round their room and accidently brake a little porcelin model of theirs, what do you do?
6. You're at a birthday party when the birthday boy/girl brings out a really boring game to play, what do you do?
7. You find a lost cat but it's not really yours, what do you do with it?