How faithful is my boyfriend?

This quiz tells you how faithful your boyfriend is by asking a few questions about his behavior. Test is about 50%-70% accurate. Some questions you may need to ask him.

1 The last time you talk who said,"I love you."
2 When you say have you ever cheated on me what does he do?
3 If you asked him in a curious way,"when its time would feel comfortable marrying me?" what is his reaction.
4 How many days a week do you talk on the phone with him?
5 Does he like to go out with you in public?
6 Has he ever cheated on you before?If so, how many times?
7 How long does he say he can go without sex?
8 What was his longest relationship
9 If you asked how serious he is about the relatioship from one to ten what did he answer?
10 Do you think that he is faithful?