How evil are you?
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How evil are you?

gather round dear friends and pour out your shrivelled hearts to descover how evil you are bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa...

1. If you found a cute little kitty on the street what would you do?
2. Your mother is refusing to let you out at night to 'chill with your homies' what should you do?
3. You're getting on a bus but don't have enough change. The driver won't let you on. Now what?
4. You go into school with your hair dyed bright pink but the headteacher say it's not acceptible, what should you do?
5. You parents have given you a 20% reduction on your pocket money because you didn't tidy your room, what do you do?
6. Your favourite programme is about to start but your Grandad changes the channel to watch the news, what to do...?
7. You are reading your book entitled 'How to be an evil genius.' when your little sister comes in and starts pestering you. How do you act?