Are you a Sailor Scout or a Villian!?
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Are you a Sailor Scout or a Villian!?

Take the Quiz and Find out of your a member of the Sailor Scouts who fight for love and Justice or a Evil Villian!

1. What name does Sailor Moon go by in the manga ?
2. What villian was Sailor Moon fighting when she first transformed into Princess Serenity?
3. What is Sailor Moon's first attack ?
4. In episode 46 Queen Beryl abducts SM and brings her to the heart of the Dark Kingdom, where she has her 'loyal servant' attack her. Who is that servant?
5. What was Tuxedo Mask's name before he recovered his memory?
6. In the Anime Who is Chibi Chibi?
7. In the manga what happened to Eternal Sailor Moon when she tried to destroy Chaos?