How well do you know classic Nicktoons?

Test your knowledge on '90s Nick cartoons-The Classics!

1 Ok, We'll keep it easy to start and make it harder as you go (questions are weighted accordingly)..... In Rugrats, what is the name of Tommy's father?
2 Which of these cartoons is NOT one of the 3 original Nicktoons that were first aired in 1991?
3 In Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, what is Ickis's main ability that he uses to scare humans?
4 Stephen Hillenburg, marine biologist and the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, directed the 4th and final season of what Nicktoon?
5 Ok, that last one was really hard.. I'll give you a break: In Hey Arnold, who does Arnold has a crush on? (Hint: 2 of these are acceptable answers)
6 In Doug, what is the REAL first name of Doug's best friend? (Here's some help: His last name is Valentine)
7 Yeah, that last one was pretty easy,, but it was intended to set you up for this: In The Angry Beavers, what is the name of the beaver that Dagget is attracted to?
8 Now we're nearing the end, time to bring out the heavy hitters! This Nicktoon leads all others with 12 seasons and 172 episodes! (and the show recieved a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2001!)
9 Only 2 more questions! In Hey Arnold!, What are the names of Arnold's grandparents?
10 Last one.. (Hardest and most hevily weighted!!) How is Matt Groening (Simpsons creator) related to Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold! creator)?