How much do you know about Disgaea dood?

A quiz about Disgaea.

1 The final boss in Disgaea 1 is...
2 Who can use the attack Love Dynamite?
3 Prinnies learn Prinical shock at level...
4 Zetta, is trapped in what?
5 True or false? There is a robot called Pringer X.
6 Vulcanus is what?
7 In Disgaea games, the final boss is always level...
8 Asagi gets a game stolen from her. Why is the game so important she is trying to kill the guy who took it?
9 Yukimaru says ( ) at the end of her sentences. Fill in the blank.
10 How many lives do you get in Prinny can I really be the hero?
11 In the worst ending of Disgaea 2, Adell does what to Taro and Hanako?
12 We are on question 12, so if we are more then halfway there, how many questions are there?
13 What level is Etna when you fight her in Disgaea 2?
14 What level is Laharl?
15 What are prinnies on the inside?
16 What is the level limit?
17 What is Axel's theme song?
18 What is the money used in hell?
19 What is stronger then Baal!