What do you do?

Just a bunch of silly and fun qestions to answer.

1 Oh No no more T.P (tolite paper) and your already half way through your poop... What do you do?
2 (girls only) You brother threw you best bra in the firepit and it is covered in ashes....what do you do?
3 (boys only) Your stupid little sister threw your band new hot wheels car in the pool...what do you do?
4 The power went off so you rush down your hall but ohh noo you run into a killer, he ask's you how would you like to die... What do you do?
5 Answer to # 4 (Electric chair the power is off)
6 And old lady is being robbed....what do you do?
7 This HOT HOT HOT girl/ guy asked you out....what do you do?