How Legendary a Halo Fan are you?

Take this quiz to find out if you are a true halo fan!

1 Who is the Chuck Norris of Halo? (Who cannot die no matter how many times you betray him?)
2 Who is still on the first Halo at the end of the first game?
3 What do they do?
4 What do Grunts have in their containers and breath masks?
5 Who blows up Delta Halo?
6 What do you wear in Halo 1?
7 What was taken away in Halo 3 that was in Halo 2? What about ODST from Halo 3?
8 What genre is Halo Wars?
9 How many silver skulls are there? What is the dialogue skull called?
10 What is the Prophet of Truth's primary goal in Halo 3?
11 What is the highest rank in Matchmaking?
12 How many maps are on the Mythic Disk?
13 What is the goal of Grifball? Is it a sport?